BalkanG All-Terrain Snowboard 

€539,00 EUR

Sizes: 154/156/156W/158

 ​​Backcountry freestyle.  Excellent float in powder.
Camber underfoot delivers speed and stability while rocker placed in the middle make it still fun and playful.  Setback or twin? it`s up to you - plenty of inserts give you a lot of room for your favourite stance settings. Progressive sidecut radius ensures quick transfers from edge-to-edge. Not for beginners. Armed with the latest technologies, G will  handle anything, anywhere.  
I was riding Lib before, but now I love the G!
I bought my G off the Balkan guys last season, quality of materials and workmanship are more than superb. It is just a great board.
Lorenzo L.
Too expensive.
In the name of god, why i have to spend 585 euro for this board, and not the same money for a lib tech or a Gnu or else, i know it's a fact of brand but even of experience i suppose....
Emil D.
Уникална дъска с адски извивки и форма!
Зад гърба си имам скромните 15 сезона прекарани на сноуборд. ТаЗи година празНувам лек юбилей и си купих новото Джи, реколта 2018 . Направо изказвам мнението си и фактите : Уникална дъска с адски удобни извивки и форма! Страхотна за пудра ,за всякакви джъмпове , както и за по напреднали нинджи!!! Няма да разводнявам коментара, но който не вярва , който се чуди дали иска такава дъска , дори предлагам и на тези, които не са карали дъска на Балкан, а само им плюят продукцията, най - официално ги каня някой уикенд на Голи връх за тест райд. Тази дъска за мен е нова , уникална по себе си, дава ми пълна свобода на действие отвсякъде!
P.S.: for the foreign guy who is wondering why G is better than Lib or Gnu - Ma’ friend just try it and you will curse all the days you spent on Lib or etc . 
Яка дъска, можеше да е малко по-твърда.
Карам модела от сезон 2015. Истината е,че се кара с лекота,както в пудра, гори и на други Freeride терени,така и на писта, защото е мека и супер лека, поне в сравнение със старата ми дъска. Лесно се правят бързи завои, особено в тесни пътеки.  Въпреки това, в улеи и по-екстремни условия (кора, лед, буци) я усещам леко нестабилна, особено при по-висока скорост. 
Raging Hornet
Excellent board but not for my style.
I tested this board for one day in Borovets. I like to carve with speed and on the first run felt it more soft than i expected. Later I realized is soft only in the waist and some more pushing with my knees made it stable enough. When I went off-piste the feeling was quite different - this board is insane in powder! I was jumping over trees and pillows and it was just perfect there. 
Great freeride/slope board.
I rode the 2015 model and it was really a blast, the main feeling was having under my feet a board that I would not find the limits. There was a little problem - nose broken after a bail that was not so terrible. It was covered by the warranty, so I got the 2016 model. Basically same board, it seems a bit softer in the waist.
Awesome ride in all conditions.
This board is so much fun. Floats well in powder, soft for all my park laps and still rides switch. It is also very light and poppy. I am using Union Contact Pro bindings and I like those a lot. The reverse makes the board less likely to catch, when buttering around.
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