In January 2012, I was working everyday of the week. Riding was only a mirage on the screen between those projects, meetings, phone calls and emails. I had a strong feeling that the job was taking too much of my time and especially of my freedom...


At the same moment, “The Art of Flight” - one of the most epic snowboard movies ever, changed my whole perspective about snowboarding and then I wondered what the boards of the future will become.



Being so passionate, with curiousity and desire to progress, I wanted to make a better snowboard for me. I spent a long time researching manufacturing techniques, snowboard materials and composites.

One year later, I found the courage to design and build my first snowboard.



Together with friends, I rented a house, made a snowboard press and built a workshop in the garage. Passion and hope were the main drives back then. The first creation was born right for the season opening day, on 6th of December.


Building the prototypes was like climbing a mountain: you feel curiuos and excited, but also disappointed, when the way is wrong, sometimes completely exhausted, but then you see the ridge up there and you know you can find more power and inspiration to reach your goal.



And the goal was so high. The whole prototyping was a really difficult, time consuming process. Every board was built with new geometries, different profiles and the latest materials.  



Testing was the best part of the work. Ride. Redesign. Build and ride again. Serial production kicked off in 2016 with 4 models fueled by true balkan spirits:


Воевода [Voevoda], Самодива [Samodiva], Партизан [Partizan], Балканджи [BalkanG].



At that time, many were critical and sceptical about what I was doing.


However, lots of people were really excited and willing to support. The first batches were completely sold out.



2017 was a season to be remembered, because of the incredible amount of snow, the crazy people involved and all the new places discovered.


I met Travis Rice in London. He gave me excellent feedback on the Voevoda and insights into the performance he would like from a board and could not get from mass production. 


Then with the increased number of orders, we had difficulty to plan the manufacturing process. How could I know what quantity of boards to make? What sizes? Which shapes and profiles? And what about the graphics?



Then I remembered my initial idea back in 2012 - to have a snowboard that`s made for me. 


Not for another person.



The solution came easily. Instead of making stock boards and trying to sell them afterwards, we build every single board on-demand, with unique custom specifications.





I`m excited and happy to build a board for you. I want to share that feeling, the feeling of freedom when choosing your own path. 


Being up there, being grateful for all those special moments, finding the way to be closer to nature, and sometimes being even deeper, this is what Balkan Snowboards is all about, ever since the beginning. 


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