Fluid Profile Geometry
Hybrid profiles evolved in more complex forms lately, so we created the 3-dimensional Fluid Profile for riders who need better float and response in powder and creative playfulness in the same time.
Matrix Profile Geometry
The new Matrix Profile is a modified hybrid profile with slight camber section below your dominant foot for better control and 3-dimensional rocker in the tail for easier handling when riding switch. 
Vector Profile Geometry
Designed for ultimate control no matter the snow conditions. It consists of mild rocker section in the nose for better float and long camber section under the rear foot for immidiate response and better snap on the edges.
No rules. No limits.
In every single step - from design to manufacturing, we do our best in order to provide quality gear that you can trust. Why? Because your board is something really special and it is what makes you a different human being, capable to do more and go far. You will always search further, so the same we do with our innovative approach with new geometries, unknown materials and doing the impossible.
So think about it like freeriding - there is a sign on the slope telling you: "Slow down", "Forbidden area", "Closed slope" etc., but once you go there, you explore a whole new wonderful world beyond. Get it?