Full Length 100% Natural Wood Poplar Core
Ultra Lightweight Poplar Core. Great Pop and Natural Flex Feeling for Ultimate Performance.
Why Balkan?
Vandal Tech
A Must for Every Serious Rider, Serrated Edges Change Control to a Totally Different Level.
Innovation That Excites
New Materials and Advanced Geometries for Progressive Riding.

How can I make an order?

You can place your order very easy directly from the product page. Just hit the button add-to-cart and specify product options in your shopping cart. Then click on the checkout button and provide your personal details such as name, contact info and shipping address. When your order is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary details.

Do you keep all models in stock?

We try to keep all of our standard models in stock, available for shipment at any moment. However depending on sales volume, some specific model, size or color could be not available for immediate shipping. If you have any concerns, you can always send a message to shop@balkansnowboards.com with question regarding specific product and what are the delivery terms.

How can I pay for my order?

The following payment methods are currently available: 1. Apple Pay - you need Apple device and Safari web browser 2. Debit Card/ Credit Card - your card must have 3D password activated 3. Paypal

What is the best time to order a new board?

We operate during the whole year, no matter the season. Please don`t wait for Christmas to come. Probably it would be too late and your dream board won`t be available for you at that moment. So be prepared. Order off the season and wait patiently. Usually, we make pre-order campaigns twice per year and this is another great opportunity for you to buy some of the latest models with a great discount. On top of that, you have the option to completely customize your board, that will be produced individually for you.

Where is your factory located?

Balkan Snowboards are proudly hand-made in Europe. All production facilities are based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What is the origin of the materials in your snowboards?

We use only quality materials from certified suppliers as follow: Base - Eisenstadt, Austria Edges - Munich, Germany Epoxy - Sofia, Bulgaria Fibreglass - Krakow, Poland Wood - Ljubljana, Slovenia Carbon - Düsseldorf, Germany Inserts - Sofia, Bulgaria Topsheet - Eisenstadt, Austria

А защо не пишете на български език?

Дъските БАЛКАН се карат от хора по целия свят и така ги правим достъпни за всички. Още от създаването си до сега и в бъдеще, БАЛКАН е Български бранд с име, изписано на кирилица на всяка една дъска. По-българско от това няма как да бъде, освен ако не направим графика с чипровски килими или пък хайдути - ще дойде време и за това, а до тогава карай и се радвай, че има дейни българи, които не са напуснали родината си, а са тук и работят за нейния просперитет 🤟🇧🇬🌍